Corporate Governance and Compliance

We offer a tailored approach to address the ongoing challenges of corporate governance and compliance. Our managed services are technology-enabled and structured to drive efficiency, risk reduction and cost transparency to your corporate governance and compliance programme.

What EY Law Corporate Governance and Compliance can do for you

As multinational companies expand, their corporate structures grow larger and more complex, making it challenging to ascertain that all of their legal entities comply with local company laws. Growing regulatory demand for corporate structure transparency requires companies to have a firm grip on status and development of group structures. 


Many companies are engaging a single service provider that can provide corporate governance and compliance responsibilities consistently around the globe. That’s where EY Law teams come in.


EY has a truly global Corporate Governance and Compliance practice which is part of EY Law and has made significant investment in technology to support an innovative global service delivery model. Our focus is on driving time and cost efficiencies and greater value by leveraging standardisation, automation and data analytics.


Collaboration with EY teams means benefit from a single point of contact for all your corporate governance and compliance requirements with local specialist support in each of the jurisdictions you operate in, providing a consistent and harmonised service as well as full oversight of your global delivery. We offer clients fixed fee certainty across the service offerings.


We facilitate a strategic approach to routine and transactional compliance and provide our clients with tailored analysis and insights. This helps drive continuous improvement of organisational compliance and governance designed to effectively underpin their business.


Core Client Service Offerings

EY teams provide a range of services which have been developed and refined in response to client needs:

We support entity governance requirements across a wide range of governance projects. Projects may be transaction-related; triggered by seasonal workflow peaks or organisation transformation; or undertaken to provide assurance for the Board and other stakeholders on data quality or entity status.


We can tailor projects to meet your requirements.Our services include:

  • Board support, including assistance with routine and non-routine board and committee meetings
  • Governance policy drafting and review services
  • Organisational structure charting
  • Governance functional department reviews
  • Cross organisational implementation assistance of new local or regional regulatory requirements

Recent projects include:

  • Organisational charting for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company
  • Target operating model effectiveness review of the governance function for a FTSE 250 utilities company

Whatever your organisational structure, EY teams can provide seamless entity management services, keeping your entities in good standing and avoiding penalties and breaches.


1. Health checks

Corporate health checks validate corporate data and the compliance status of group entities. The health check reviews data held internally and compares it with data held in local public records and local statutory records to match all data sources. As an output, EY teams provide you with a risk assessment to distinguish between material and non-material issues, along with a detailed remediation plan. Acquisitive clients, those with a complex group structure or organisations seeking due diligence assurance can all benefit from this service.


Recent project includes:

  • A health check project spanning 400 entities for a large European bank, delivered in six weeks

2. Annual compliance

Annual compliance service includes all mandatory statutory requirements, such as:

  • Assistance with all year-end formalities
  • Maintaining company records
  • Preparing and filing recurring returns with the local registry
  • Reminders of upcoming compliance deadlines
  • Updating the in-house legal entity management system
  • Achieving real time compliance reporting

3. Event-driven changes

We provide routine corporate changes such as change in director or registered address, as well as changes in shareholding or share capital, requirements around power of attorney or document execution and changes in legal documents such as articles, bylaws or constitution.


EY supports companies, branches and representative offices with entity lifecycle events such as:

  • Incorporation
  • Dissolution, liquidation, and/or de-registration
  • Cash repatriations such as dividend distributions and capital contributions

We have a wide portfolio of global clients including:

  • FTSE 250 telecommunications organization
  • S&P100 and NYSE-listed conglomerate
  • Beijing-headquartered, SEHK-listed consumer electronics company

4. Knowledge and training

EY knowledge platform provides clients with a one-stop shop of accurate and practical corporate compliance global data. EY training program for directors and officers helps mitigate subsidiary governance risk and provides relevant and tailored support across your international subsidiary director community.


We also offer bespoke training based on your organisational policies and provide director handbooks setting out practical information including reference materials. Training is provided online or via traditional face-to-face sessions across the world.


Recent project includes:

  • Director training program across 40 jurisdictions for a US-headquartered multinational

Our services are technology-enabled, and using our client portal you can access our services through a single gateway.

EY technology tools are leveraged by our knowledge and training

  • Global director e-learning program. You can access training via your own learning platform or hosted by EY teams. Key functionality includes ability to track training uptake across your organisation.
  • Corporate knowledge platform. Delve into real-time compliance updates across all your jurisdictions, as well as a full range of company law practical data points.

Global delivery model

EY governance and compliance professionals are present across the globe in over 140 countries to deliver tailored compliance services.


EY's global delivery model incorporates a single point-of-contact for clients as well as local specialists, regional offshore delivery centers and onshore engagement teams. This blend of resources means we are always operating in the right time zone, with the right level of expertise and with the appropriate resource costs.


EY teams can provide cost certainty for clients with a fixed fee for annual compliance as well as ad hoc work. The teams can provide an assessment framework for cost benchmarking so you can review your current spend on compliance and entity maintenance including internal and external spend. This is helping clients who find themselves under increasing cost pressure. After providing a cost analysis, EY teams can assist clients to implement a sustainable cost reduction program.


The risk-based approach means that we drive predictability and risk reduction across the compliance function.


EY member firms do not practice law where not permitted by local law or regulation.

Our latest thinking

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