Conor Kennedy
Evidence places a crucial role in the resolution of tax disputes. There have been so many reported decisions from the Tax Appeals Commission confirming tax assessments due to the failure of taxpayers to provide evidence.

Conor Kennedy

Head of Tax Strategy & Disputes, EY Law Ireland

Conor is a keen but not very good cyclist and can be regularly seen struggling up the Dublin and Wicklow mountains.

Prior to joining EY Law, Conor was a Tax Appeals Commissioner having resolved €2.6 billion in tax disputes. He is a barrister with many years of experience representing clients in tribunals and the courts and was the lead international tax advisor to Riverdance, The Show for many years. He holds a Masters degree and is a Chartered Tax Advisor.


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Legal costs can be substantial and an impediment in seeking justice. Where circumstances permit, Conor provides pro bono legal assistance.

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Why evidence is crucial in the tax disputes process

Conor Kennedy, Head of Tax Strategy and Disputes, EY Law Ireland discusses the importance of providing the relevant evidence in resolving tax disputes.

08 May 2023 |Conor Kennedy

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