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EU Artificial Intelligence Act

The EU AI Act has been published and the countdown for compliance begins. Organisations need to identify the AI systems in use and ensure compliance.


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What can businesses do to prepare for Companies Registration Office PPSN requirements?

The Companies Registration Office (“CRO”) in Ireland has indicated that from 11 June 2023, it will require directors to provide their Irish PPS numbers (PPSN) when making certain filings with the CRO.

15 May 2023 |Gavin Clare

Why evidence is crucial in the tax disputes process

Conor Kennedy, Head of Tax Strategy and Disputes, EY Law Ireland discusses the importance of providing the relevant evidence in resolving tax disputes.

08 May 2023 |Conor Kennedy

How energy disruptions bring more opportunities than challenges to the Irish market

EY Law Ireland discusses what they have learnt from the experts and market participants who are leading the energy transition. From our research, we share these market participants’ general outlook for the market, their reasons for optimism and concern as the market grows.

04 Apr 2023 |Alan Murphy

How can green leases help maintain the sustainability of a new building

EY Law Ireland discuss the objectives in the construction and conservation of new buildings which are environmentally accredited, and the role green leases have in maintaining that objective.

28 Feb 2023 |Alan Murphy

How landlords and tenants can make an existing lease “greener”

EY Law Ireland Real Estate team discuss how landlords and tenants can make their existing lease greener.

09 Feb 2023 |Alan Murphy

How will the new Transparent & Predictable Working Conditions Regulations increase employee protection

Deirdre Malone, Head of Employment Law, reviews the EU (Transparent & Predictable Working Conditions) Regulations 2022 and its employee impact.

20 Jan 2023 |Deirdre Malone

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CEOs are leveraging M&A for tech-driven growth and market expansion, embodying innovation and sustainability in a dynamic business landscape.

Ezra Bailey

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How can the legal function unlock strategic value?

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